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After a weekend of boozing, dancing, meeting friends, walking in the national garden and watching the ducks swimming in the little lake and the kids throwing at them pieces of bread & pop corn, this day, the first day of spring, is the beginning of my new relationship: the blogging.
This weekend, among other things, I had also funny conversations with my friends about how we want our men propose to us, and in this way, different feelings and points of view come up in the air…The strangest thing was my idea of how I want my man to propose to me… it was quite shocking for my friends when I made my revelation! I really enjoyed the expression on their faces!(and I ‘m not gonna share it with you, it’s rather kinky!)

My best friend surprised me when she knocked on my door early this Monday evening, and we had our latest news catch up and we promised to do it more often!
Now, I am listening to a live performance of Bono singing the “One” in my favorite radio station “en lefko” and I am ecstatic.
” We are one, but we are not the same…”
This week began with very high, positive mood; I guess the spring is here! Enjoy my friends and stay blogged!


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