Respect your comfort zone!

This Is What Happens When You Move Out Of the Comfort Zone… or why The Magic Happens When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

I believe almost all of you who are in the social media have seen this kind of quotes. And I believe that some of you may feel guilty that you don’t want to leave your comfort zone and gain these magic experiences that the other are talking about. Social media preach in a way that to choose safety is self-sabotage..

But what is actually comfort zone?  It is a state where person feels at ease and in control of their environment.

And what is wrong with that? Some will say that there is no real control of things. But in a certain extend there is a kind of control of situations and there is no guilt about it. By recognizing and respecting your comfort zone, you  can identify when a situation threatens your well being. And by asserting your boundaries, you can get back from anxiety to a place where you feel psychologically safe and secure.

To leave your comfort zone means that you should you expect a lot of anxiety and stress along the way because you deal with situations you are not used to. And if this happens to you in a a daily basis, then maybe you can’t sleep well at night, you have heart palpitations, and this in a long run may considerably damage your health. And I am talking from personal experience. Don’t sacrifice your sleep or your health just to live on the edge.

In a world of increasing demands on our time and attention, our comfort zones act as predictable spaces of mastery where we can seek refuge when the stress becomes too much. They act as containers to shore up confidence, gain momentum, and think clearly. They are kind like an oasis where someone can stop for a while, pause a lttle and think. When we spend less time grappling with discomfort, we can focus more on what matters most.

Of course that doesn’t mean that someone should just stay in the comfort zone. And there is also a lot of fear that prevents you to leave your comfort zone. Then I believe the only thing you can do is just welcome your fears, let them be a part of the procedure. Don’t feel guilty about it.

You gain experiences when you challenge yourself. But to provoke a challenge just to provoke it,  it does not make any sense. You must think first if you really want this change in your life to happen, and make it happen by all means,  although you cannot control the consequences of your actions as you might think you could. There is always the factor of the unpredictable that gets in your way and this is actually the joy of life, of being alive.



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